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[Talk] When I Think of You

posted on 09 Mar 2010 11:40 by wiwizard in wiwizard

เมื่อเช้าได้ฟังเพลงนี้...คิดถึงอ่ะ ไรอัน!!!!! 


 When I Think of You - Lee Ryan


Youre my past, my future, 

My all, my everything, 

My six in the morning when the clock rings 

and i open up my eyes to a new day 

My Laughs, my frowns 

My ups, My downs 

Its a feeling that you get when you know that somethings true, 

When i think of love i think of you 


Im looking at you while your sleeping here beside me, 

Oh, mere words cant explain the love i have inside 

Its more than just a physical thing, i know 

Its something like a spiritual connection 

I feel it in my soul heart and mind 


The sweetest thing is what you are 

From you, I'll never be to far, 

Please say forever you will stay beside me 


Your beautiful like the colours of the rainbow 

Warm heated like the rays of the sun on summer days 

All i got to do is look into your eyes to lose myself 

Your the substance of my dreams, epitomy of women 

The only one i truly call mine 


Oohh when i think of love i think of you 

Baby i love you, baby i need you. 



PS: ไว้ว่างๆเดี๋ยวมาแปลนะ .. 




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